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Femu a Corsica would like to reiterate its disapproval of the closure of classes and even schools, particularly in rural areas, and would like to support the parents and elected officials of the communes of the schools concerned. For Femu a Corsica, the criteria for class closures, based on a purely accounting spirit, are nonsense. The pedagogical aspects and the interest of the children are too often forgotten. Sartè, like Corti and the isula, are now paying a high price. The academy of Corsica does not benefit from sufficient ministerial budgetary allocations and has a deficit of around forty posts. The five budget items allocated in 2016 are largely insufficient and it is now proposed to abolish a bilingual class. Femu a Corsica, which places the education and development of its children at the heart of its social project for Corsica, cannot accept this. The Femu a Corsica group had already tabled a motion, voted unanimously, by which the Corsican Assembly undertakes to support the presence and maintenance of classes and schools whose abolition would undermine the vital balance, particularly in rural areas. We believe, in fact, that rural schools are essential to individual and collective emancipation, but also to the revitalisation of the interior of our island. They do not have to be sacrificed. All the more so for budgetary manoeuvres by the State which seeks to make savings on the education of.

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