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Top 10 best companies in the world

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We will discuss the top companies in the world and how much big a company is. If you do correlate between the business and job success rate, you know its aspects very well. As in the jobs, there is fixed income which can be concluded as a fixed opportunity. These companies are the ones to look out to when investing in stocks, and if you are looking for funds to reinvest, you might want to look into playing บาคาร่า online. 

There are top ten world brands that are so valuable according to the market capital and brand revenue. Let’s see what those companies are.

    • Mc Donald’s

Each people like to eat mc Donald “s food as it is one of the businesses which is found in the restaurant and its enterprise in Chicago. The market capital is $ 149 billion and covers 210,000 employees. The restaurant is developed in the overall world, which is more than 37,000.             

    • Toyota motor

It is commercially known as the Toyota motor as its Japanese international automotive manufacturer, and headquarter is in Aichi, Japan. It is one of the largest automotive operators in the world. It includes 70 manufacturing countries in different 27 countries, and Total stability is 340,000.

    • The Walt Disney company

The world Disney Company is known as the most prominent multinational mass media and it’s headquarter at Disney studios in California. In the company, there are more than 200,000 employees, which lead to enormous film creation. Some examples are the Avengers end game, the lion king, and the toy story four, etc.

    • Samsung

Samsung is among the largest sellers in the high-tech advancement (electronic devices, consumer’s electronics, apparel, and many more. The total number of employees are working in Samsung are 308,700, approximately in us APAC, or Europe.

    • Coca-cola

Coca-cola is a multinational company that does the market of non-alcoholic drinks. The company is integrated into the US, Atlanta, and covers more than 62000 employees in five countries.   

    • Facebook

Facebook is a social networking institution that connects people from all over the world. It’s main headquarters in Menlo Park, California. As technology is increasing the Facebook has been updated with a messenger. The company has talented employees of more than 35,000, and the total number of the office is 85. The company is ranks in the top 10 digital companies.

    • Amazon

It is presently the largest ecommerce company on the earth. Headquarter is in Seattle, Washington. The staff member in Amazon is more than 647,000 and globally in 30 countries around the world. Its rank is six among the top 10 corporate companies.

    • Microsoft

Microsoft is a multinational company, and the main branch is in Redmond, Washington. It focuses on manufacturing and selling out all types of computers, Licensing, etc. In the company, the employees are working more than 131,000, which is so huge.

    • Google

Google is an American technology firm that relates to every type of service in the world. It is integrated with California, the US, which is widely popular for global search. The talented employees are working, which is more than 104,000 and 70 offices in overall 50 countries.

    • Apple

Apple is the chief and father of all the organizations in the economy. It mainly includes the field of technology. Its headquarters in Cupertino,California. It covers approximately more than 132,000 strength. A high number of sales in preliminary designs, media devices, manufacturing of mobile. 


As the above mention detail, it is enough to know about the top companies in the world. It is clear information about corporate companies, which are at the high level and doing a profitable business.

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