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Everything You Need To Know About E-Voting/Electronic Voting

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Politics and election go hand in hand. Without the system or process of election, political parties cannot be elected. It is mostly the people who conduct this process of the election to elect the winning party. Now, voting can be done in the most advanced way possible. The system of e-voting or electronic voting has recently been popularized all over the world. This election voting system allows all the voters to record their secret ballot. This secret ballot is then tabulated electronically. The votes of the people are stored in this secret ballot for recounting the votes when needed.

 Benefits offered by the e-voting system 

The election process and the election result would speed up with the e-voting system. This system also happens to lower the election conducting cost to a great extent. This can be done by reducing the number of staff required to operate the polling place and tabulating results. All of these stored results can be recounting them later. So, this system is not only fast but quite efficient. Some of the other benefits of the e-voting system:

  • E-voting is such a system that allows most users to participate equally. So, this system is known for being secure as only the voters accredited by a voting official document can vote.
  • Voters find this system of voting more accessible compared to all other voting systems available in the world. There are, thus, reduced mobility and traveling costs involved with this entire legitimate election process.
  • The implementation and organizational costs are significantly reduced with the use of this election system. These increase the efficiency of the management of elections compared to the traditional method of voting.
  • Any error in voting can be eliminated with the use of this online voting system. So, the publication of results would be quick and accurate.
  • The technology on which this entire system works is quite reliable. Only independent observers would be able to participate so that any manipulation or fraudulence could be avoided. The encryption protocols are highly maintained by this system for privacy, audibility, and even security reasons.

Types of different e-voting systems

Some of the popular types of e-voting systems are prevalent in all parts of the world. Some of these popular types of electronic voting are:

  •     BMD or Ballot making device: Here, all the voters get to record all their votes on a digital device. The scan system can locally tabulate the votes.
  •     Optical scan voting system: This device allows all the voters to vote on a traditional paper ballot. This paper ballot is then scanned digitally.

●      DRE or Direct Recording: Here, the voters can directly cast their votes into the computer memory voting system. All you need to do is touch a screen to start the recording process

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